So, that’s that for app.net. It’s a bit sad but what can you do? It was a strange little project from the beginning, it did have nice apps and interesting people, but I never quite got enough value out of it.


I’ve been at 999 posts on Instagram for quite a while now. Every time I see something instagrammable, I think about that number and then just don’t post it.
I don’t know what could be epic enough for post #1000.


This is pretty funny.


When I saw the announcement that Fever would be over I decided I want to look around a bit for replacements. I remembered this article and decided to try out Miniflux which looks pretty nice and use the Fever API as well.
I only added a few selected blogs by actual people to my Miniflux installation – unlike my Fever which has everything in it. It is a nice change: only a couple of articles or links every day, but usually those that I do want to read.


Amazon is freaking me out. It just recommended two products I talked about in Slack and one I only thought about maybe buying.


Kiss My Classname

The codebase on big sites isn’t impenetrable because developers slavishly followed arbitrary best practices. The codebase is broken because developers don’t talk to each other and don’t make style guides or pattern libraries. And they don’t do those things because the people who hire them force them to work faster instead of better. It starts at the top.



This insufferable article has been posted to Facebook quite a lot – mostly by people who it is probably meant for.
And that is exactly my number one reason to be annoyed with it: the people who do post self-indulgent and self-promoting crap all the time won’t stop because of that article. But those people who only post once in a blue moon and then post only little life updates (which are apparently also not okay? what?) are probably rather discouraged by it.

So, yeah. Ignore that article. Post your life updates and your selfies and your baby pictures and your pet pictures. Get the attention you so clearly deserve. Lessen your loneliness. (Honestly. What kind of an asshole would tell a lonely person that their loneliness makes him unhappy, so “go away”? Ugh. What a wanker.)